Ungalukkaha Finance

As to impoverished men this present world is not;
The “graceless” in you world have neither part nor lot


The above Thirukural explains, As this world is not for those who are without wealth, so that world is not for those who are without kindness.

“We are joined together with invisible threads…”, given by Jai Guruji in “Steps Towards God” book, to make his intention come true “Ungalukkaha Finance” started operations in January 2014.

“Little drops make the mighty ocean”. Similar to five senses animals such as honey bee, ant, and others, we as a human with six senses should also follow the practice of saving money, Ungalukkaha Finance is earnestly helping us to achieve this target.

Ungalukkaha Finance operates like a Bank. For Recurring Deposits, the interest will be up to 8.5% for a minimum period of 5 years, through regular monthly deposits starting from Rs. 1000. 7% of interest is payable for deposits prematurely withdrawn. For Fixed Deposits, the interest will be 8.5% applicable for a minimum maturity period.

We also offer business loans, educational loans, and medical loans for elders in need.

Ungalukkaha acts as a bank for all your savings and fund needs !!

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