As consumers, we expect every product we purchase to be of the best quality, but in today’s world, it’s rare and difficult to find quality products. Tharam is one such organization that fills this gap and brings the best reliable quality products that are rare to find to consumer’s doorsteps.

Tharam manufactures high-quality products considering the physical and mental health of the consumers. Starting from tooth powder to brush in the morning, Guruji has given us a variety of superior quality products essential for our day to day life. Let’s understand the necessity and benefits of each of these products, which resolve the majority of the problems in the body, and use it to our benefit.

Some of our products are:-

  • Health Mix
  • Food Mix
  • Beauty Powder
  • Bathing Powder
  • Hair wash powder (Shikakai)
  • Tooth Powder

  • Oil for Black Hair
  • Oil for Long and Thick Hair
  • Dandruff Oil
  • Bathing Oil
  • Pain, swelling and Cramp relief Oil

Health Mix

Benefits include a change in body metabolism and boosting immunity. Strengthens muscles and also provides necessary fiber and vitamins for the body. Mix 1 tablespoon of health mix powder in a little water and keep it aside. Boil 250ml of water and add the mix to it and allow it to cook for 15-20 mins. We can add jaggery or brown sugar before turning off the stove.

Food Mix

Curry leaf powder: Curry leaf, Toor dal, Black pepper, Jeera, Salt
Dhal powder: Toor dal, black pepper, Jeera, salt
Jeera powder: Toor dal, Urad dal, Jeera, salt
Idli powder: Toor dal, Urad dal, Jeera, Black pepper, salt
Add the powder along with ghee or sesame oil and a pinch of salt to hot rice and mix well. This tastes good when served hot.

Beauty Powder

Continuous use of this beauty powder will remove black spots on the face. It also balances the oiliness on the face. Gives shine to the face. 1 spoon of beauty powder add half lemon juice, apply the mixture on the face. After 1 hr wash it off with cold water.

Bathing Powder

This bathing powder cures many skin diseases and eliminates body odor due to sweating. It cures dry skin and prevents skin ulcers. This also heals skin rashes and cures psoriasis. Use 2 spoons of bathing powder and mix with water to make a paste. Apply the paste all over the body and leave it for 5-10 mins to soak and then take bath. Use this power daily for good results.

Hair wash powder (Shikakai)

Those who are having the problem of hair lice, nits, and dandruff for a long time will have problems in the scalp. For some, when they comb their hair scales will fall from their head, like how it falls for a hen. People with these kinds of problems should mix lemon juice with our hair wash powder and apply on the roots of the hair and soak for sometime before hair wash. This will cure the affected scalp and the long time problem of hair lice, nits, and dandruff. Importantly, the problem will not reoccur. The same powder can be used on oil bath day to apply on the head and body to take bath. This powder can be used regularly for hair wash, improve general hair related problems, and for healthy hair.

Tooth Powder

Tharam tooth powder strengthens the teeth and prevents the wear and tear of the gums. Helps the gums to re-grow and the gums for stronger teeth. Swelling and bleeding of gums will be cured. Cracked or chipped tooth and calculus problem are cured by using this tooth powder. Cures tooth sensitivity and decay. Fight against bad breath.

Oil for Black Hair

Oil for black hair should be applied every day even after hair wash. Ensure the oil is applied on a fully dried hair to get fully benefited. Oil can be applied to hair 30 minutes before hair wash or can be applied and left overnight and then washed the next day.

Oil for Long and Thick Hair

Every day this oil needs to be applied to the hair and soaked for a few minutes before hair wash. After washing and drying the hair, the oil needs to be applied again. Ensure the hair is dried completely before applying the oil to get fully benefited. We water the roots of the plants for them to grow; similarly, we need to apply the oil only to the roots of the hair. It's not necessary to apply oil to full hair. Note: Coconut oil used in this product is made out of naturally dried coconuts. No chemicals are used for drying the coconuts.

Dandruff Oil

Use this oil twice a week and take a head bath. Oil needs to be applied to the roots of the hair and should be left for 1 hr to soak followed by hair wash. Since this oil is made out of sesame oil it needs to be used before bath. This oil can be used on alternate days as mentioned above to get good results. Note: Do not apply the oil on the hair after hair wash.

Bathing Oil

Apply the oil all over the body and sit where sunlight falls. Do not sit in direct sun rays. After 20-30mins or after getting a sneeze, take bath. On this day, use hot water for bathing and Hair wash powder (Segakkai) for body and hair wash. Men should take an oil bath on Wednesday and Saturday while women on Tuesday and Friday. Take an oil bath only in the morning and should not sleep for 10 hrs after bathing. Avoid oil bath on the following days: Full moon day, No moon day, Ekathesi, 1st day of Tamil month, eclipse, star birthday. Also, avoid oil bath when sick and when was awake the whole night.

Pain, swelling and Cramp relief Oil

Slightly warm the oil and apply it on the pain area or swollen part of the body. Give pressure when applying the oil. After 1 hr wash the place with hot water or can leave the oil over night and wash it with hot water in the morning. Alternatively hot water bag can be placed in that area. By using the above method we can get relief from pain, swelling and muscle cramps.


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