From birth to death all living being on the earth travels from place to place according to their needs, desires, and living conditions. However, taking time out from your routine life and planning a trip with friends and family is always special.

Exploration is an opportunity to vast our knowledge and understanding of people living in different places including their culture, custom, history, and background. Traveling broadens our mind and ensures peace of mind leading to creative thinking. Besides, the beauty of the sea and mountains, the serenity of the forests, and the divinity of the temples is a paradise. This quality of nature motivates us emotionally and it also contributes to our physical well-being. Travel makes us mentally resilient which gives strength to overcome problems in our life.

Realizing that every travel experience gives peacefulness and saneness, without the mind spinning in this monotonous lifestyle, our trust has started "Sugaprayanam Tours & Travels”. As of now, it's running successfully at Erode. We offer a wide range of well-maintained vehicles as per the need of the customers.

We also have our own unique features.
  • We choose the best accommodation and restaurants for our customers.
  • Operated in full compliance with government regulations
  • Our Vehicles equipped with safety features such as a first aid kit and fire extinguisher.
  • Our vehicles are cleaned with disinfectant after each trip.
  • All our drivers have undergone Public relations and communication training.
  • Customer Satisfaction is always our priority

Trips organized by Sugaprayanam give complete satisfaction to our customers as we understand our customer's needs and keeps them as our priority. For instance, if you are planning on a family trip with children, it will be arranged in a way to suit all your family members. Sugaprayanam will set a stage for children to play and strengthen their health, quench their thirst for knowledge, learn the complexity of science, enjoy the beauty of nature that enchants adults, enjoys spiritual knowledge, and to increases happiness.

Types of tourism Sugaprayanam offers
  • Educational tourism
  • Professional tourism
  • Spiritual tourism
  • Group tourism
  • Domestic and Foreign tourism

Happy Traveling with Sugaprayanam !
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  • SugaPrayanam
           No,9 Jothikrishna Thottam,
           Jeevanantham Street,
           Near Amirta Milk Diary,
           Erode - 638002.

  • +91 99524 33502, +65 8207 3548
  • +65 8207 3548 (WhatsApp)