Petti Kadai

Nature has gifted mankind with countless treasures. To obtain and gain from those valuables and to protect our noble body, our Guruji has blessed us with Nalan’s Petti Kadai.

Millet varieties offer a greater hand in regulating our body metabolism. They are rich in fiber and nutrients, unlike grains which have only high carbohydrate content. Millet helps to boost our immune system but these days their consumption is minimal. Hence Nalan’s Petti Kadai was established by our Guruji to encourage people to consume them more, that too in a sweeter way.

All the varieties of Millet are available in the form of sweet balls. They are made using ghee and cardamom to avoid digestive problems and prevents Kapha that increases due to the consumption of sweets. These sweet millet balls help in compensating for our energy loss. Our Petti Kadai fulfills one’s need for energy during interim apart from meal-times.

These sweets and sweet balls are made from high-protein nuts, especially moong dal balls are much suitable for growing children. Sesame balls are an excellent food supplement that can be consumed always. On the other hand, horse gram balls help to reduce unwanted body fat. Consuming dry fruit balls are the best choice for people who want to maintain their health. Pumpkin halwa is the best choice to increase body weight. Carrot and beetroot halwa helps in sustaining good health. These are our specialties and our list goes on.

Keeping your health as our priority, our Petti Kadai offers mouth-watering sweets prepared with the utmost care by choosing only healthy ingredients.

Sweet Varieties available are,
  • Pearl Millet Ball (Kambu Urundai)
  • Finger Millet Ball (Ragi Urundai)
  • Foxtail Millet Ball (Thinai Urundai)
  • Kodo Millet Ball (Varagu Urundai)
  • Barnyard Millet Ball (Kuthiraivali Urundai )
  • Maize Ball (Makkachola Urundai)
  • Proso Millet Ball (Panivaragu Urundai)

  • Roasted Bengal Gram Ball
  • Peanut Ball
  • Sesame Ball
  • Horse Gram Ball
  • Bamboo Rice Ball
  • Wheat Ball
  • Red Rice Ball
Halwa Varieties like Carrot, Beetroot and Pumpkin Halwa


  • Petti Kadai
          No,9 Jothikrishna Thottam
          Jeevanantham Street
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