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Education is about acquiring skills and information. Education at the primary and secondary levels is similar for all, but we can see various categorizations in different streams at higher levels. Not all that is required to lead a complete life is taught by the current education system. Food, shelter, and clothes are basic requirements. The existing education system only helps to fulfill the monetary necessity for basic needs, but these alone don’t satisfy human beings. They also expect love, knowledge, energy, happiness and they also need to know how to reach god. As these are real lifetime necessities, we value these more than basic needs

Furthermore, humans need to transcend through various stages both in their spiritual and daily life. Thus they face many tribulations due to his ignorance and lack of experience in the path they travel. Here arises a lot of questions within him on how to handle the difficulties he encounters. For example, things like what he needs to do first when we wake up? what needs to be done to handle constipation issues? when and how we should take bath? What kind of dresses we should wear and how it should be? What to consume and what not? How to handle physical and mental issues? How to maintain proper relationships with others? How to improve our character? What is discipline and how to handle the hurdles when we try to follow it? and a lot more. We can go on asking countless questions like this. How are we going to get answers to all these questions? Is it possible to get all our doubts cleared?

Don't get in a fluster !!

We have published the below 19 books through Navayugam Publications.

  • Step Towards God (Vanavan Vazhi)
  • Udal (Body)
  • Udal Pathukappu (Body Protection)
  • Udal Payirchi (Excercise)
  • Kailagai
  • Muthiraigal
  • Ozhukam ( Discipline)
  • Karma
  • Guru
  • Guruvasam
  • Ariyamugam
  • Kelvi Gyanam (Question & Answers) 1&2
  • Unave Marunthu
  • Nalan Murai Sei
  • Gunam
  • Manas
  • Thavam
  • Asariri
  • Nalam Vazha

Navayugam publication also publishes "Unmei Virumbi" monthly magazine starting November 2008. It contains valuable pieces of information about spiritual places, history about spiritual persons, world-famous places and personalities, Gurumargal's articles on various subjects, and also about various art forms like astrology, cooking, palmistry, medicine, and monthly events of the Foundation. This month's magazine is designed to be read by everyone in a family, considering that their preferences may vary according to their age, need, and karma. Unmei Virumbi is not only designed for the Navayugam members, but it is also open to the public and interested people can subscribe and get benefitted. Navayugam publications dispatch our monthly magazine to the subscribers every month.

With our Guruji's blessings, Navayugam publication has also released the following CDs, in addition to the books and the monthly magazine.

  • Kobam (Anger)
  • Karma
  • Magizchi (Happiness)
  • Noi thavirka (Avoid diseases)
  • Kailagai
  • Sahasraharam
  • Thavam
  • Un mei arithal
  • Puthunarchi
  • Amaithi (Silence)
  • Oivu (Relax)
  • Thai Thanthai Mariyathai ( How to pay respect to our Parent)

Navayugam Publication has its own brand of quality, lucidity, and elegance, also specializes in outsourced orders such as Invitation, visiting card, Bill book, ID card, and Design. The publication is also involved in setting up stalls during book festivals, temple festivals, and celebrations to introduce our products to society.

Navayugam publications products are a boon that is designed to enhance our life and lifestyle to attain blissful experience.

We welcome you all to shop our products and get benefited !!



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