Nalan Hotel

The sixth intellect is where humans and animals become distinct by rational thinking. Despite several actions that effectively separate humans from animals, one critical distinct feature is cooking.

“One who gives food is one who gives life” is a famous proverb used by our ancestors. The body is essential for the soul while good food is the fuel for the body. The food we eat gets converted into 7 Physical constituents (Udal Thadukkal) such as blood, bone, muscle, fat, nerves, saliva, and brain. The brain can function properly only when the first six physical constituents are present in an adequate amount. Essentially six different tastes build our body.
  • Astringent taste helps to produce blood
  • Salt taste guarantees the formation of bones
  • Sweet taste builds the muscles
  • Sour to get necessary fat
  • Bitter taste to reinforce nerves
  • Pungent or spicy taste to induce salivary secretion
With the respective tastes, each physical constituent can be nurtured. Food becomes edible only after it has been processed, and cooked to taste, aroma, and flavor.

But the taste becomes quite unnatural in today's modern and digital world. The awareness of eating the right food will not come just with propaganda. This could only happen by igniting human minds by leading them to the best way to cook healthy and delicious food. Borne this concept in mind, our Guru has introduced ways to implement a home-based healthy diet in the form of a book named 'Nalan Murai Sei' and in practice by establishing a hotel named “Nalan” to create a disease-free society The purpose of the Nalan restaurant is not business or income, its to create food awareness and understand that
“The food which makes you hungry shortly is the suitable food for you”

“Don’t eat what you get, try to eat what you need” keeping this in mind, Nalan hotel was launched in Karur in Jan 2006. Now we have branches of our own in different locations, including Erode, Tirupur, Coimbatore. There is no need for medicine when proper food habit is followed, with this in mind, Nalan Hotel is all about getting rid of the flaws in the food we eat and making it optimal for us.

Nalan means the foremost in cooking food, Pioneer in all specialties. We call a feast Nalabagam. As we adopt the same, we named our hotel “Nalan” (fine and healthy dining).

In today’s world, 90% of the diseases that can come to man are caused by food and 10% by circumstances. The concept of consuming food as medicine is forgotten and as a result, medicine is taken as food nowadays. To change this, Nalan hotel serves easily digestible healthy foods.

We adopt systematic vegetarian food preparation which is 100 % pure and authentic and served with love. Its features are manifold. We are specialized in preparing varieties of herbal soups, a variety of rice, different varieties of sambar, herbal rasam, side dishes, variety of thuvaiyal, puttu, and dosa. We also make authentic organic rice dishes, soya buttermilk, a variety of kuzhambu, deserts, and banana flower vada and many more dishes are available at Nalan Hotel.

In Nalan we use cumin to regulate the interior, pepper for mild spice and pure ghee are used. Chili, tamarind, spices, refined oil, milk products, mushrooms, instant noodles, artificial colors, taste enhancers, sweeteners, fast food, etc., are not used at all.

Healthy food is the fuel for a happy and healthy life, let's taste it at Nalan Hotel and get benefited !!

Our Branches


Nalan Hotel - Erode
No 114,Palaniappa Street
Erode Corporation


Nalan Hotel - Triuppur
206,Kumaran Road
Opposite to KVB Bank


Nalan Hotel - Coimbatore
699 Kongu Nagar


13,Devanga Pet
3rd Street,Poo Market
Behind Archana Theater



  • Nalan Hotel
          No 73,Ulavar Santhai West,
          Old Byepass Road,
          Karur - 639001.

  • +91 99444 99507
  • +91 99444 99507 (WhatsApp)

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