Miruthunjai Siddha Clinic

Miruthunjai Siddha Clinic was established in Erode with the goal of creating a healthy society through natural and traditional way “NALAM VAZHA ENNALUM”.

Miruthunjai Siddha Clinic is specialized in:
  • Providing medicines for complete recovery of COVID infected
  • Providing Immunity Booster medicines to prevent from getting COVID infection.
  • Personalized treatment for individuals based on their body humor and constitution.
  • Counselling for emotional and physical well-being.
  • Guidance on a healthy food diet.
  • Geriatric care for elderly
  • Conducting Yoga programs that include Asanas, Pranayamam, Mudras and Meditation techniques.
  • Treatment methods include both internal and external medications based on their body constitution.


  • Miruthunjai Siddha Clinic,
          No.14, Nalan Hotel Building,
          Palaniyappa Street,
          G.H.Opposite Road,
          Erode - 638009.

  • +91 86680 65310