Our Kavasam was initiated with the blessings of our Guruji to be the shield that protects our body and mind, fulfilling the ultimate purpose of dressing. It emphasizes dressing discipline, gives a sense of warmth, comfort, and divinity, and it manifests our culture as well. The high-quality fabric is made of pure cotton. On fabrics, Kavasam adds ample colors and brings beauty to those who wear them. There are various unique designs available to fulfill the requirements of different age groups for different seasons. Overall, it helps one to look modest, with uniqueness, fitting the purpose and at the same time accessible to meet the needs of everyone in the family at an economic price.

When the sixth integral sense of mind started to work, humans began to wear clothes.

The purpose of clothing:

  • Represent ones decorum.
  • Clothing provides physical safeguards to the body, preventing harm from the climate and the environment.

The dressing code:

  • We should dress to cover body parts completely.
  • It’s not supposed to be sexually provocative, rather ought to be preventable.
  • The dress should not be worn tightly.
  • To protect ourselves from environmental harm, clothes should be worn according to the weather.
  • It is better to wear light-colored clothes.
  • Avoid bright colors in apparel.
  • Dress appropriately suited to the purpose and the place.

Wear clothes from Kavasam to look majestic and dignified!


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