JaiAppa Trust

“Jai Appa trust” is a true blessing from our Jai Guruji to all the spiritual souls who wish to attain the highest level in spirituality by surrendering themselves to God.

On May 23rd, 2013, the “Jai Aandavan Paadha Poorana Arul” (Jai APPA) Trust was established in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, to construct a sanctum for Guru. The important significance of the temple is there will be a meditation hall and prayer hall open for the public. Our temple is a place to enhance different aspects of human life by experiencing the many physical and mental benefits of meditation. To pay our gratitude to our Guru 'The one who frees us of ignorance' we celebrate Guru Poornima as a festival and other special days.

The first three temples are entrenched in Puliyur near Karur, near Thiruvannamalai, and inside Ishethra International Residential School near Karur respectively. The temple at Karur will be dedicated to Guru Dakshinamurthy.

Sri Dakshinamurthy is the depiction of Lord Shiva which illustrates him as the Supreme Cosmic Guru also known as Guru of Guru’s, and a benevolent teacher who accords wisdom to seekers of salvation. Dakshinamurthy literally means 'one who is facing south (dakṣiṇa)' in Sanskrit. He is worshipped as the God of wisdom, complete and rewarding meditation.

Steps of the temple are steps to Enlightenment. Temple is the place where high cosmic energy is available, and a place suitable for our prayer. Guru is the incarnation of God, a sanctum for Guru is a mighty place to realize God’s omnipresence.

Meditation gives you a state of calmness and mindfulness, also helps to destroy the indestructible Karma within oneself. Meditation is the closest path to attain God. Jai Appa Trust is one of the right places for spiritual seekers to attain god by glorifying Guru.


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