A better way to start our day is to rise early, take bath, and offering our morning prayers to the Almighty. Science has proven that the materials used as offerings to God during our prayers have magnetic energy. When frequently used, these materials fill our home with serenity and positive vibrations that give peace to our mind and body.

Some of our products are:-

  • Lamp Oil
  • Incense sticks
  • Sambrani Dhoop
  • Thiruneer (Bhasma)

  • Senthooram
  • Sphatik Mala
  • LED Thought Lamp

Lamp Oil

Light is considered a symbol of auspiciousness that brings knowledge and prosperity along with an abundance of wealth and good health. In our home, we light the lamps with oil considering its spiritual significance. Our oil is traditionally manufactured by using the wood cold-press method with the combination of five different aromatic oils. The five different aromatic oils along with their spiritual significance are given below.
  • Castor Oil – Relations that connect with our mind
  • Sesame Oil – Removes obstacles and protects the mind
  • Coconut Oil – Gives peace of mind
  • Mahua Oil (Indian Butter tree oil) – Helps to get rid of all debts
  • Rice bran oil – A simple offering to God

Aromatic Incense sticks for inner peace

They help our mind to focus on the prayer without getting distracted. It spreads a pleasant fragrance that helps us to concentrate on our meditation and also keeps our mind at peace by promoting a serene atmosphere at home. They are natural air fresheners that bring positivity and creates a stress-free ambiance.

Sambrani Incense Sticks

These incense sticks are made from the resin of the Ailanthus excels tree (Mattipal in Tamil). They are free from chemicals and are manufactured naturally.

Santhana (Sandalwood) Incense Sticks

These incense sticks are made of pure sandalwood. They burn up to 45 minutes and spread a divine fragrance. Their scent helps in repelling mosquitoes.

Sambrani Dhoop

These divine aromatic benzoin is made of Neem and Cow dung. They may burn for a short period but their fragrance repels the toxic germs in our home because of the presence of Neem. After burning, they turn into Bhasma and mix with air without leaving any charcoal behind.

Thiruneer (Bhasma)

It is made out of cow dung (the cow that has not yet calved) along with bamboo shoots. It instills the divine feeling within one’s body and mind. It also cures skin problems.


Pure Sindoor is used to ward off the evil eye (Kandhrishti) and to protect our third eye. It has to be applied in between the eyebrows. It protects our Agna as a shield from getting mesmerized by others. It also stimulates our pituitary and pineal glands to function properly and to keep our five senses under control.

Sphatik Mala

Sphatik Mala beaded with high-quality copper wire and beads made from 100% pure sphatik or quartz crystal. They reduce our body heat and radiates positive vibes.

LED Thought Lamp

This lamp helps us to recall our Guru Ji’s thoughts from the Vaanavan Vazhi, “Steps Towards God” book and also helps in applying the thoughts to our practical life. It can either be used in the Pooja room or as a night lamp.

Ispark products are the best in obtaining all the above-mentioned benefits together. The products are naturally manufactured with pure thoughts. They are chemical-free and hold divine essence.
Let us use Ispark products to support and improve our spiritual thoughts and practices


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