ISHETHRA International School

ISHETHRA stands for International School for Holistic Education through Traditional Historical and Realistic Approach. Ishethra was founded by Jai Guruji in the year 2012.

Presenting Humanity to Mankind by exposing the holistic way of life to every child through the ‘Ancient Indian Education System’. To make the Manmade Angels reconstruct the society by respecting every existence with love and compassion as the language of communication and to make the new world by their Wisdom.

Our Gurukul education system is entirely different and distinct. It is carefully planned and imparted in a holistic manner that helps children to live in the nest of the Guru and learn self-discipline in their routine. Children learn what to do and how to do it, and therefore they experience the benefits of doing so. This way children live a moral life and fulfill their duties in a way that is useful to themselves as well as society.

The Ishethra International Residential School is located in an ideal place occupying a vast area. The complete structure of the school is designed in a circular shape and each block is designed in an arc shape. Ishethra has another unique geometrical shape in the campus, a Pyramid with quadrilateral base.

The right one for the right person
In the right way at the right time
Given by the right person is called Education.


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  • Ishethra International School,
          Pungampadi Village,
          Aravakurichi Taluk,
          Karur District - 639201.

  • +91 82200 17153
  • +91 82200 17153 (WhatsApp)