"By Understanding the Ultimate Truth by realizing the Soul, We will attain the Ultimate Joy in Life"


Gyanodhayam was created for mankind to attain nobleness and to experience eternal bliss by leading a normal life in society!

Gyanodhayam Educational Foundation was inaugurated by Our Guru Ji @ N.Jaikichenin on February 11, 2007.

The class educates on yoga, meditation, art, science, and spirituality. Being born as a human is a great boon.  For self-realization, one should fulfill all his duties and remove the karma attached to the soul by following a disciplined lifestyle, which leads to attaining enlightenment through spirituality.

Everyone suggests different ways to find happiness. The reason for happiness differs for each person. If so, then what is true happiness? Happiness is a permanent bliss within oneself. Gyanodhayam introduces permanent happiness for the soul who is seeking for it earnestly. It is a place where noble souls meet. A noble state in which you seek the One who rules us.

This practice helps in identifying the wisdom within you, thereby staying in a state of eternal bliss always.

Our Gynanodhayam classes comprises of physical exercises, asanas, meditation and kriyas which are covered through the following 12 topics in the syllabus:

  • Body
  • Exercises & Yoga
  • Food Habits
  • Mind
  • Characters
  • Meditation
  • Karma
  • Relationship
  • Nobleness
  • Arts
  • Service
  • Mounam (Silence)

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