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Empowering The World With Inner Transformation & Human Service

During this Covid pandemic situation, Gyanodhayam Educational trust is offering necessary support to the public. We are currently involved in various social welfare activities such as

  • Distributed Covid Awareness Leaflets.
  • Assisting Frontline workers involved in Covid prevention.
  • Covid Preventive Medicine has been given to our members and the general public.
  • In treating Patients tested Covid positive and assisting them in making a complete recovery (This includes children to elderly).

Corona Medicine Distribution Details as on 30th June 2021

India Singapore Malaysia
Immunity Medicine Corona Medicine Immunity Medicine Corona Medicine Immunity Medicine Corona Medicine
Gyanodhayam Members 461 62 14 2 - -
General Public Adults 1347 84 3 - 4 -
Children 59 5 1 - - -

Upcoming Events

Food Festival

Navayugam’s 11th year Food Festival will be conducted for 4 days at Sri Varalakshmi Mahal, Medavakkam, Chennai

31st December 2020 to 3rd January 2021

Timing: 31st December 2020 - 5pm to 10pm

1st to 3rd January 2021 - 12 Noon to 10pm


Kyatham Event

Kyatham conducting Social Awareness Events through an elaborate display of Art, Drama, Dance, Music, Exhibitions and Sport Events

Postponed due to Covid-19


Our Mission

The fundamentals of Navayugam Trust are just like a banyan tree. Like banyan grows its roots grows deep as it grows larger and then it does not rely on the main root, but it will give the same effect of shade to everyone who wants to rest under its shade...


Our Activities

The Navayugam Trust’s main function is to form a new family, where those who want help and those who want to offer help both come under the same tree. So it’s a small loop and enables easy connectivity...


Human Service Projects

There are people who want to help others but don’t know how to help. For such people, we guide them how to reach and help the right individuals. Thus they can also feel satisfaction that the help has reached the right person...